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  • Pitch creative ideas for socials and other organizational activities.

  • In charge of creating a budget used to purchase food, decor and other items needed for an event.

  • Plan the end of the semester events by showcasing the active members.


  • Select an organization and plan events to raise funds such as a clothing drive, a food bank, etc.

  • In charge of creating a budget used to purchase items needed for fundraisers.

  • Organize and encourage members to get involved in the Big Event.


  • Guide members on their resume, interview, and job search techniques.

  • Help members understand the standard of business casual.

  • Make announcements about Career Fairs and other business opportunities.

If you are interested in being a Social, Philanthropy, or Business Chair, please make a copy of the form below and email to once completed.

Chair Applications for the 2023 - 2024 school year will OPEN on 09/14/2023 and they will CLOSE on 09/24/2023. We will be announcing Chairs at our 2nd meeting on September 28, 2023.

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