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If you are a woman planning on majoring or minoring in economics at Texas A&M, we would love you to join!


There is no application process to join WIE, and club dues can be paid through TAMU's online store.


Announcements to members are made through email, GroupMe, Instagram, and this website. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page to get on our mailing list, or email!

Current Members: Submit your job/internship offer here to be announced on our Instagram!

Active Members (Fall 2022)

Julissa Zamora

Bonnie Ho

Libby Malroy

Payton Kleiweg

Shelby Bezner

Abby Feye

Angela Pickert

Ashley Benedict

Brittany Velasquez

Brooke Harris

Carlee Jackson

Caroline Fu

Donna Gallardo

Mahak Ali

Emily Chau

Sydney Merecka

Myka Serwatka
Cristine Liang
Danielle Gerac

Jena Silva

Miranda Jimenez

Pooranie SriPrabhakhar

Emma Jacob

Taylor Anderson

Kailyn Duran

Eliana Ankomah

Lauren Guerra Arci 

Natalie Mikosv 

Aasha Panda

Maricela Arteaga 

Sreya Suresh

Yang Zhang

​Sydney Schroeder
Goodness Amajor

Jayci Tawney
Katherine Jensen

Terah John

Brenda Casas

Kriti Mathur

Kanisha Patel

Naomi Dewhurst

Preanka Jex

Madison Stevens

Daisy Romero 

Megan Stelter

Taylor Molina

Jacqueline Gomez

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