Mission Statement


Women in Economics seeks to provide women in the Economics department at Texas A&M University with a community through which they can expand their knowledge of economics, explore areas of interest, and broaden interpersonal skills for the purpose of professional development.





Professional development

We plan on exposing members to what it looks like to be a woman in the field of Economics, primarily by bringing in women professionals. Additionally, we would like to focus on areas such as resume building, interview preparation, and business etiquette (in a way that gives more individual attention to members than Economics Society would be able to). We would also like to reach out to many former students as they have the most relatable perspectives. 


Career & Departmental Opportunities

We would like to represent both public and private sectors, with an emphasis on non-profit, government, and other jobs the group is specifically interested in. By doing this, the members will be able to see the various future career opportunities available within the field of Economics.


Building Community

We believe that building community within the group of women Economics majors will enrich their experience in Economics and provide additional support in their studies.



We believe that we can play an important role in the community through service. This facet of our organization would make us stand out from other professional societies. Service would also be an added opportunity to spend time with a specific company by partnering with them in their own philanthropy events