Meeting Dates

January 28, 2021 Informational at 6:00pm

February 11, 2021 Informational at 6:00pm and General Meeting at 7:00pm

February 25, 2021 Meeting with speaker Becca MacAskill

March 11, 2021 Meeting with speaker Holly Armstrong (BP)

March 25, 2021 Meeting with speaker Kelsey Lemmons (Bain and Co.)

April 8, 2021 Meeting with Dr. Lori Taylor (Dep. of Public Service and Administration at Bush School)

April 22, 2021 Meeting with Dixie Downing (US International Trade Commission)

Zoom Ettiquite

Due to the current global pandemic, the WIE team felt that going virtual was the best way to ensure our member's safety and well being. Each meeting will begin at seven on the specified Thursday of the month The length of the meeting will depend on the speakers and how many questions are asked, but our rough estimate is between one to two hours (no more than two hours).


We ask that our members still dress professionally during the online meetings with speakers, out of respect for them, and to also maintain the professional environment. Throughout the meeting, your camera should stay on the entire time, but the audio should be muted on your end. We still encourage each member to go to the bathroom before the meeting begins, but if you must go you may temporarily turn off your camera until you come back.


Towards the end of each meeting, we will ask if any members have questions, if you do then you may use the Raise Hand feature on Zoom and one of the officers will take note of that. Then when the said officer calls your name to ask your question, you may do so. Also if you would like the question to be anonymous you may directly message one of the officers on Zoom and we will read it aloud for you. We will be using this method to avoid multiple people asking questions. Another important thing to remember when asking questions is to keep them as respectful as possible out of courtesy to our speakers who are taking valuable time out of their day to share their experiences with us. To better prepare yourself for each meeting, we advise searching up the company or speaker prior to the meeting so you have greater background knowledge on who they are and what their company's about.